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Get to meet your 2024 finalists

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Gert Claassen-Smit, born on May 17, 1984, in the East Rand, embodies a life dedicated to service, leadership, and compassion. Growing up and receiving education in the East Rand, my journey has been marked by a profound commitment to both professional excellence and altruism.

Professionally, I am a esteemed Group Commercial Manager for a solution based company focusing on the mining sector. With a robust background that includes a tenure as an IT Manager earlier in my career, my expertise and strategic acumen have significantly contributed to the growth and success of the companies he's served.

However, my heart lies beyond the boardroom. My support for various charitable organizations, particularly in the healthcare and animal rights sectors  unwavering dedication to these causes underscores my genuine care for the well-being of others, both human and animal alike.

Beyond my professional and philanthropic endeavors, I am a pivotal figure in the advocacy for equality and representation. My involvement with Pretoria pride stands as a testament to my commitment to fostering inclusivity and acceptance. My significant contributions to the first Pretoria pride event, along with subsequent involvement on the board for multiple other events, have been instrumental in shaping a more diverse and supportive community.

At the core of my character lies immense compassion and an unyielding passion for aiding others. My life's purpose revolves around extending care, support, and advocacy to those in need, reflecting a deep-seated commitment to the betterment of society.


My unwavering dedication, coupled with his profound empathy and tireless efforts in service, truly exemplify the essence of a compassionate leader and a caring individual.

Gert Claassen-Smit, Boksburg

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My reason for entering MR Gay Nation SA:


I entered the competition cause I believe in what the competition stands for to stand pround, to be seen and to be heard. To stand tall, make a difference and to show the world to be proud of who you are.

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